Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm back!

Hello everyone, it has been too long since I posted but I haven't been idle. Here is one of my projects.....
They are roses created from the ornament punch that you have seen on previous posts. I wanted to see what they looked like in different colors and sponged with different inks.
I have had to move my crafting space from my basement to my dining room and have got it mostly settled. This makes the classroom/dining room pretty compact but I am looking forward to classes and sharing there.
 I now have to go back to the basement to sift through all the "STUFF" that didn't make the cut and decide if I really need to keep it. I hate making these decisions but it has to be done. The plan is to eventually finish the basement again and make it my studio/classroom. It will be lovely when it is done! In a year or two :-)
Thanks for your patience and stop back soon for more sharing. I do have lots to share, I just need to get the posts done.


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