Sunday, September 5, 2010

A week of Birthday celebrations!

My birthday was yesterday and it seems that it has been going on for a whole week. I think we are finally done with this. LOL We don't normally make a big fuss about birthdays but I guess as it was my 50th my family decided to make it a big deal. Last weekend we had a "family BBQ" as my sister and her family were home from London, Ont and my son and his family were home from Montreal. It turned out to be a celebration/surprise birthday party for me and my uncle; who will turn 50 next month. After the party/BBQ my sister had made arrangements with my employer for me to have Monday off and we went to a B&B for the night, for a "girls only" time, along with my daughter-in-law, my niece and my 5 yo grand daughter.
We had a great time!
Thanks girls!

Yesterday my employer told me to take the day; as I'm usually on call; and she would man the phones. My mother decided we all needed to go out to dinner to celebrate again so we had a lovely seafood dinner and then some visiting time after before my sister and her family head back home tomorrow.

It's been a busy week with missing a day at work and trying to catch-up so not alot of stamping done; I'm also trying to organize and re-organize my stamp room so that makes it difficult to create when everything is in a mess.

I did manage to make a couple of cards as thanks yous and also an anniversary card for my sister and her husband so I will get these posted later today or tomorrow as soon as I get them downloaded from my camera.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend!



  1. 50 is definately worth celebrating over a number of days! Belated Happy Birthday to you!

    Jane :0) x

  2. My 50th soon, but I think I will ignore it and hope it goes away!!