Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bag in a box

I think this is what these are called....I love the look of them and they are so cute for small gifts or candy. They are created from a small box on the bottom the distance around should be around 11.5 inches total so you have a 1/2 inch overlap. You then take a 12x8-9 inch piece of DSP and wrap around the box lining it up at the bottom. I then took a strip of cardstock and used the border punches to create a decorative strip and again lined it up along the bottom of the box and wrapped it around the DSP(I like the narrower border better than the wider one). Punch out 2 round tab punches and fold in the center the place centrally on either side of the bag top to create a holder for the ribbon; try to align these so they are opposite each other. Punch a 1/4 inch hole just below the fold in each tab punch and thread a matching ribbon through and tie.
Decorate the bag as you would like. This worked up really quick once I decided on the DSP and color combo.
We're still under construction so I can't find all seems to get piled on my work table and then when I do get time to play I have to organize, soon to be done I hope.
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