Saturday, October 2, 2010

Long Stem Roses!

I have been playing with the 3D flower ideas that are out there and had made the roses from the fancy flower punch. They are lovely but as they sat there on my desk I thought that they looked so real surely I could make them with a stem. So........
I love how they look.
I've added a small scalloped oval leaf that has been double punched to get the right shape.
 They are built on a wooden skewer and then wrapped with floral tape I then glue one of the small flowers from the Boho blossom punch to the underside of the flowers.I punch a small hole in it then slide it up the stem and glue it in place.

These were all made with the directions from this Youtube video: (no longer available, thanks, Jenna!)

Try these:
I built them on the end of the skewer instead of having them sitting flat. I didn't have to cut the bottoms off of the pieces either because they were wrapped around the skewer; instead I used a standard hole punch (1/4 inch) to punch a hole in the center of the paper piece so it would fit around the skewer easily.
I hope you like my flowers that will never fade.

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  1. These are beautiful, Sharri! Great job...

  2. They are super gorgeous! Great job and thanks fpr sharing!

  3. so very nice, especially where they won't fade or have any dying mess around the foot of the vase.

  4. The link on this is no longer functional because the You Tuber closed their account. :/